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Today, Tacchini stands as a prominent figure in the furniture industry, attributed to its unwavering commitment to stylistic and functional exploration, fostering a culture of project and product innovation, and displaying genuine concern for people and the environment. Through its furniture offerings, Tacchini aims to elevate the quality of both residential and public spaces, recognising the ever-changing demands of our world, driven by evolving needs, technologies, and lifestyles. This is why Tacchini continuously scrutinises and enhances its products and services with passion, creativity, and accountability.

The outcome of this dedicated effort is an ongoing journey of original and adaptable solutions, designed to suit any environment or situation, evoking emotions day after day and withstanding the test of time.

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Over 13 years’ professional experience

Partnered with global leading furniture brands

Supplier to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and Independents

Providing furniture solutions to over 500 clients within UAE