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About Poltronafrau

Poltrona Frau aspires to design discreet and refined items that draw inspiration from tradition and yet have a contemporary outlook, offering comprehensive living solutions globally. The brand also specialises in creating bespoke interiors for both private and public spaces, as well as luxury travel interiors, catering to the emotional and aspirational desires of a sophisticated international clientele, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

At the core of the brand values are durability, the unmistakable touch of Italian style, a timeless essence, innovation, and eco-consciousness. Despite its rich heritage and unrivaled craftsmanship dating back over a century, it remains forward-looking, constantly striving towards the future while embracing its historical roots.

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Over 13 years’ professional experience

Partnered with global leading furniture brands

Supplier to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and Independents

Providing furniture solutions to over 500 clients within UAE