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Moroso was established in 1952 by Agostino Moroso and his wife, Diana. Their primary goal was to create sofas, armchairs, and furnishing accessories. The company’s success was built upon an artisanal approach to manufacturing products and a remarkable level of creativity during the design phase. This vision allowed Moroso to stand out in the market, gaining recognition for product quality, innovation, and artistic flair. In the 1980s, the second generation of the family introduced an extensive programme of designer-led studies.

Today, almost seventy years since its inception, Moroso has achieved a prominent position in the world of international design, being regarded as haute couture in the realm of upholstered furniture manufacturing.

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Over 13 years’ professional experience

Partnered with global leading furniture brands

Supplier to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and Independents

Providing furniture solutions to over 500 clients within UAE