LINTEX specialises in manufacturing writing boards for schools and offices, but they approach this with a level of precision and sophistication akin to a well-established fashion line. In a world where aesthetics have often been neglected, with whiteboards, office screens, and sound absorbers serving as uninspiring necessities, LINTEX has taken on the challenge of revolutionising this image. They strive to infuse style and design expertise into their products, aiming to surprise and redefine what a writing board can truly be.

Unlike many others in the industry who overlook the importance of design, LINTEX maintains a unique attitude. They collaborate with some of Scandinavia’s top designers to imbue their writable surfaces with a combination of stylish elegance and practical functionality. By employing high-quality materials such as tempered glass, premium textiles, solid wood, and enamelled steel, the focus on design and materiality enhances the overall functionality of their products, making them a joy to use.

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Over 13 years’ professional experience

Partnered with global leading furniture brands

Supplier to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and Independents

Providing furniture solutions to over 500 clients within UAE